Coaching redux

We did a blog last September on TWI Institute coaching and are finding a spike in interest in it as we move into mid-summer of 2010.  Companies are now building coaching into the initial TWI training plan.  A typical scenario is a week of JI/JR training for XYZ Company followed by three days of coaching after a month of practice.  Another scenario is a JI training followed by two, one day coaching sessions, after three weeks and six weeks. Whatever the design, the purpose is the same: review the skills learned; observe the practice; improve the practice.    All the best have coaches, batting coaches for baseball stars, swing coaches for golf champions, speech coaches for politicians, and acting coaches for Oscar winners.  Yet, when we take a training course that teaches us skills in leading, or instructing, or improving methods, or improving safety, or problem solving,  we are reluctant to look to a coach to improve our performance.  At the TWI Institute we are encouraging coaching for our initial training and especially for our recent Certified Trainers because this is the best way to maximize the return on the training investment already made.   Steve

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