TWI Needs Assessment and Planning

FYI! We are proposing a series of symposia or classes for people who are responsible for results in their organization and have some familiarity with TWI,  but no idea how to get started.   They will be at selected MEP centers around the country .    Participants will learn:

  • What TWI is (and is not)
  • How to plan and implement a TWI program by carrying out a TWI needs assessment and preparing a TWI proposal for their company 
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls on the TWI journey
  • How TWI fits seamlessly into Lean and Six Sigma Initiatives
  • How to find additional information and assistance with TWI with a customized list of resources and contact information
 Look for announcements in the Spring.  In the meantime let me know if you would be interested in attending or hosting such an event by leaving a comment on this blog. Steve Grossman - Director, TWI Institute

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